22nd Parliamentary
Intelligence-Security Forum
Bucharest, July 6-8

Anne Basham

Anne Basham

Chair of PI-SF Taskforce on Human Trafficking


Anne Basham has worked in both the Legislative and Executive branches of the federal government as well as the private sector. Focused primarily on human rights issues such as human trafficking, religious freedom, domestic violence, child welfare, and education, Anne has crafted legislation, policies, and appropriations requests to serve and protect the most vulnerable. She also has extensive experience with federal grants and corporate fundraising. Having dedicated her personal and professional life to stopping human trafficking, violence against women, and child abuse, Anne has also helped survivors all over the world safely leave dangerous situations, navigate the legal system, and secure safe housing and trauma recovery.

During her service in senior leadership at the Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), she developed strategies for over $2 billion in federal funding and other projects directed to nonprofit organizations serving victims of human trafficking, terrorism, sexual assault, and child welfare. While in this role she traveled throughout the United States meeting with senior government officials and NGO leaders about solutions to human trafficking and other human rights issues including the Governor, Secretary of State, US Attorneys, law enforcement, Child Advocacy Centers, and many nonprofit organizations. She also helped allocate over $100 million in federal funding for victims of human trafficking in the United States, the largest amount ever directed to this cause. Additionally, she frequently advised on Congressional legislation and federal policies impacting victims of crime.

Anne began her career working in the United States Senate more than twenty years ago and since then has developed bipartisan human rights policies for organizations by working with members of the U.S. Congress, Executive Branch and state governments, as well as Members of Parliaments and senior government officials around the world. Her op-eds have been featured in major publications such as the Washington Times and Washington Examiner, and she has been a guest on many media outlets.

As the Chair of the Task  Force on Human Trafficking for the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum, she leads a coalition of government leaders, survivor leaders and policy experts from around the world in discussions about effectively combatting human trafficking globally. Additionally, Anne has a Master of Education from the University of Virginia and is the former CEO of an international anti-trafficking education NGO. Because of this she brings a unique understanding of non-governmental organization strategy, development and growth. Under her leadership, nearly every facet of the organization grew exponentially in a short amount of time. She is passionate about empowering organizations that make the world a better place.