22nd Parliamentary
Intelligence-Security Forum
Bucharest, July 6-8

Andreas Jahn

Andreas Jahn

Bundestag Senior Foreign Policy Advisor


Andreas Jahn was born in 1972 in Riesa, Germany. He studied Roman Philology (Spanish, French, Italian) at the university of Freiburg and of Reunion Island (Indian Ocean).

Andreas Jahns marked interest in political themes is demonstrated in his active work for the Foundation of Basic Values and the Promotion of Understanding among People as the Representative of the Berlin Office since 2004. The work of this organization has primarily to do with the prevention of global conflicts. Global leaders are invited once a year to the International Berlin Gathering and are encouraged to take part in forums and personal discussions for a peaceful settlement of their conflicts. Andreas Jahn had multiple opportunities to take part in these discussions and get a view into the complex mechanisms of trust building measures using his personal relationships to Heads of State. He has been many times in Africa for mediation and peace building missions.

Since October 2009, Andreas Jahn is working at the Bundestag as a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor of Johannes Selle, Member of Parliament in the Committee of Economic Development. In that capacity, he observed Parliamentarian and Presidential Elections in many countries.

Since 2019 Andreas Jahn is Director of Government Affairs and Foreign Trade at the German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses the biggest voluntarily organized and cross-sectoral economic interest group for the German SMEs.

The German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses offers their member companies exceptional opportunities to expand their network and business success at more than 2.000 events which they organize every year.

The Association has also a large international network. They support companies in getting foothold in foreign markets with more than 75 foreign offices around the world.

Andreas Jahn is internationally well connected. He is since 2020 the Secretary General of the German SME-Alliance for Africa and the President of the German-Turkmen Forum.